Symβiosis aims to provide resources, commentaries and analysis, on political, social and cultural ideas and developments affecting change and policy, original and creative, based on arguments, able to propose and debate solutions to critical issues, maintaining a broad intellectual scope and global reach that readers need to understand the choices shaping lives, and reflecting on Greece, the Balkans, Europe and the world.

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Global poverty halved since 1990, says World Bank – really? Written by Nicole Rippin 267
"The Text-messaging Revolutions" Written by Oleguer Sarsanedas, Analyst, Media Expert 290
Just War in Africa Written by Khadija Sharife 322
Africa’s Organic Peasantry Written by Paul Collier 310
Machiavelli 2.0 Written by Philipp Mueller and Alexander R.M. Schellong 303
Together But Not In Sync Written by Sergei Dubinin 310
Crises of Capitalism Written by Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) 256
Water is not just for drinking Written by Helle Munk Ravnborg 286
The Quest for Intercultural Dialogue in the Euro-Med Region: Opportunities and Challenges Written by Sally Khalifa Isaac 315
Back to Earth: Nuclear Weapons in the 2010s Written by Bruno Tertrais 318