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A New Versailles haunts Europe or Furiosa Teutonicorum insania[1]

varoufYanis Varoufakis argues that the EU-ECB-IMF financial support package constitutes punishment for Greece. With the exorbitant interest rates that it charges, and given its steadfast resistance to any renegotiation of Greece’s existing debt, it pushes Greece further into insolvency. Just like a cruel doctor administering enough medicine to keep the patient alive for a while longer so that she keeps suffering more excruciating pain, but not enough medicine to prevent her from shuffling off the mortal coil, so too the EU-ECB-IMF package, as it stands, only prolongs the Greek state’s agony without preventing the inevitable bankruptcy.


What future for the Union for the Mediterranean?

The cancellation of the biannual Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) summit leaves EU policies in its southern neighbourhood in  disarray. To prevent the further disintegration of its regional policy, the EU needs to act now rather than wait for the outcome of indirect Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, which stand little chance of being a success.


Disassociation of Europeanisation and Democratisation in Turkey

turkeySince the beginning of accession negotiations in 2005, Turkey’s EU membership project has become almost completely irrelevant for its democratization process. The limited progress that the country has registered in democratizing its polity has been the by-product of the power struggle between the predominant Justice and Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi –JDP) and the secular establishment in Turkey.