Details for The Fragile Triangle

Name:The Fragile Triangle

Police, judges and prosecutors coordination during criminal proceedings response in Kosovo

Prepared by: Krenar Gashi
Contributions: Betim Musliu and Ariana Qosaj Mustafa

Rule of law remains the weakest area of governance in Kosovo and one of the biggest challenges for the full consolidation of country’s statehood. The UN mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) did not succeed on establishing an efficient justice system, which would be able to fight crime and to ensure a safe and secure environment. UNMIK’s Department of Justice (DOJ) that administered the justice system until Kosovo’s declaration of independence in February 2008 has been the most criticised pillar of the UN mission, by media, civil society and also international organisations. UNMIK prosecutors and judges were part of a political and administrative mission, further lacking clear division between legislative, executive and judicial powers. In terms of efficiency, an UNMIK judge has resolved averagely 1.5 cases a year.

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