Details for  Civil Society Index – Country report for Serbia

Name: Civil Society Index – Country report for Serbia

CSI_Serbia_1Civil Society in Serbia Suppressed During the 1990s – Gaining Legitimacy and Recognition After 2000


The Civil Society Index (CSI) report for Serbia was produced by the CIVICUS CSI country partner, the Research and Analytical Center ARGUMENT in collaboration with the Center for the Development of the Non-profit Sector (CDNPS).

The CSI assessment is the first ever empirical study of the state of civil society in Serbia. The study has revealed that today’s civil society in Serbia is still affected by the consequences of the war against the regime of Slobodan Milosevic and is operating within an environment marked by institutional weaknesses in the political system, high levels of crime and overall insecurity for the Serbian people.

The report reflects on the decline of citizen participation particularly in the late 90s, which has severe implications for civil society associations and social movements. The CSI participatory assessment generated action oriented recommendations targeting civil society, the state and other relevant stakeholders. These recommendations aspire for a more vibrant Serbian civil society sector.

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