Details for The Poverty Paradox – And How to Address It

Name:The Poverty Paradox – And How to Address It

Lars Rylander and Jan Rudengren
POLICY BRIEF, No. 102, October 17 2012.

Poverty alleviation is the cornerstone and mission of the development community. Yet perhaps the community's focus on low-income countries (LICs) has skewed a healthy and accurate evaluation of the effectiveness of its interventions. A careful analysis of the current data indicates that the majority of poverty is found within middle-income countries (MICs) and not in the LICs. Seemingly unaware of this, the policy of the development community is still aiming at promoting LICs to become MICs. Once having become a MIC, it is assumed that poverty reduction will be accommodated largely by the national growth policies, supported by non-grant funds, international financial institutions (IFIs) and the global financial market.

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