Details for Europe: is democracy at stake?

Name:Europe: is democracy at stake?

Qüestions CIDOB, núm. 16

Roberto Toscano, Senior Research Fellow Associate, CIDOB, interviewed by Oleguer Sarsanedas

While a number of countries are de facto intervened by the so-called Troika (the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund: all unelected) and the Men in Black have set up a permanent camp in Athens, Lisbon, Dublin, Rome and Madrid, decisions are increasingly taken by officials perceived by citizens as aloof and far removed from day-to-day street-level concerns. Pro-Europeanism is at an all-time low throughout the Union and voter disaffection with European institutions is growing fast, as reflected by the fact that fringe parties (to the right and to the left) are moving to center stage in several countries (bailed-out and not bailed-out alike).
Roberto Toscano is not outright pessimistic about the prospects of democracy in Europe (...)

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