Details for GREECE Report prepared for the SOPEMI 2011 meeting

Name:GREECE Report prepared for the SOPEMI 2011 meeting

Anna Triandafyllidou

(with the assistance of Michaela Maroufof)

The main source of data on legally staying immigrants in Greece is the stay permit database of the Ministry for the Protection of the Citizen (former Ministry of Interior).Table 2.1.1 and Graph 2.1.1 below present the legal migrant stock in Greece from January 2004 till December 2011 (estimate), excluding seasonal migrant workers.
The highest number of legal migrants present in Greece was registered in January 2010 with over 600,000 valid permits. Since then there is a continuous decrease in the number of valid stay permits, which fell to just over 550,000 at the end of 2010 (553,916 on 1 December 2010) while it is expected that on 1 December 2011 the number of valid stay permits will be more than 100,000 lower, i.e. 447,658.

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