Details for The Greek Elections of 2012 and Greece´s Future in the Eurozone (2012:7epa)

Name:The Greek Elections of 2012 and Greece´s Future in the Eurozone (2012:7epa)


Dimitrakopoulos Dionyssis G.*

The Greek general election of 6 May 2012 resulted in strong electoral support for political parties other than those traditionally in power. It confirmed a widespread discontent with the austerity policies, but still a majority of the voters expressed a desire to remain a member of the Eurozone. However, since all attempts to form a Government have failed, there will be a new election on 17 June.

In this analysis the author discusses the political situation before as well as after the election 6 May, Greece´s future in the Eurozone and likely developments after the election 17 June.

The analysis is published in the context of the SIEPS research programme The political system of the European Union.

*Dionyssis G. Dimitrakopoulos is Senior Lecturer at the Departement of Political Science, Birkbeck, University of London

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