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There is clear acknowledgement by leaders of the Western Balkans that progress on a path of reconciliation and increased regional cooperation benefits citizens. EU representatives emphasise the need to see continuing progress by states in the region toward settling border disputes and conflict legacy issues including refugee and reconciliation problems. Rather than rush to welcome Western Balkan countries to the EU house, the Union would prefer to accept new members that have solved most of their historic problems. Effective legal regimes are a pre-condition for reconstruction and development. Yet much more needs to be done to drive reconstruction and economic expansion. Billions of Euros must be invested in transport, energy and communications infrastructure. Both tariff and non-tariff barriers remain obstacles to business in the region, and should be removed. And investment in education and innovation are essential to improve trade volumes and help spread employment and prosperity.

Countries in the Western Balkans have achieved remarkable advances, and for some progress toward long-awaited EU membership appears to be accelerating. But far greater regional integration is imperative, with or without the benefits of EU membership.
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